Your Invisible Fence Cost & Information Guide

Invisible fences are a highly useful technology system that’s being widely adopted by pet owners of all kinds, including livestock herders, in order to effectively keep animals where they belong. Here we’ll explore the most frequently asked questions about these systems, including helpful invisible fence cost estimate information.

What Exactly is an Invisible Fence and How Does it Work?

The invisible fence system is very simple. First you designate the boundaries of an outdoor area that you wish to contain your animals inside. A small hole, similar to a miniature trench, is dug on the boundary line. Then a long, small wire is placed carefully inside the hole and buried, making it thereby “invisible.” This wire is activated by a wireless transmitter that sends a radio frequency to the wire from a nearby location, which is usually a garage or other nearby outdoor storage area. The battery powered collar, which comes with the invisible fencing system, receives the radio frequencies from the wire. It will produce a sound that only your animal can hear whenever it gets close to the underground boundary wire. This sound is meant to be recognized as a warning to the animal. If it crosses the boundary, the collar will give the animal a mild shock which feels similar to a brief static shock. The collar sends the mild shock into the animal’s neck through 2 small, metal prongs. With simple training that many animals learn as fast as within one day or one week, they discover and remember where their boundaries are. As soon as they hear the warning pitch from their collar, they back away from the boundary. The great thing about the invisible fencing system is that any animals like dogs, cats, and even livestock can be contained effectively on your property using this new technological method.

New entirely wireless invisible fences have been developed, and work in a similar way except that the boundary must be circular in shape. They are intended primarily for smaller areas, around 30-180 feet in diameter. The boundary zone is set by the adjustable transmitting range of the main device. The only elements needed are the main transmitter and the animal collar. When the collar goes out of the designated range of the wireless transmitter, the collar will give the animal a warning sound. If they don’t return back inside the preset range, they will receive a mild shock.

Some GPS invisible fencing systems have been developed to herd cattle using the same type of radio frequency receiving collars, and at certain locations natural sounds will be emitted by the collars. These auditory cues train cattle to stay together, where they feel safe, and keep them moving in the right direction with much less effort required.

The Unique Advantages of an Invisible Fence

Invisible Fence Cost

There are many great benefits that an invisible fence has over other traditional methods of containing animals outdoors. It’s almost always guaranteed to be cheaper than building any other type of fence around your property, and it can be installed faster and easier too. The open views on your property that are allowed by the invisible fence are something both you and your animals can enjoy. Best of all, maintenance fees are extremely low; the only things you need to pay for are new batteries for the animal collars. New batteries are only needed every 3 months at the most, but usually last for a year.

The Disadvantages of an Invisible Fence

This system cannot protect the collared animal from being harmed by other animals or people entering the property. It also cannot protect any person or animal that wanders into the invisibly fenced area by accident from being attacked by the collared animal. There are a few very stubborn and strong animals that may leave the invisibly fenced property if they have a very high pain threshold, thus making the electric shock given by the collar not a strong enough discouragement to keep them on their property. The other problem is that once an animal has already crossed the invisible pet fence and received a shock, they may avoid returning back onto their property because it means that they will have to cross the invisible boundary once more, thus receiving another shock for returning instead of a reward. Good training is an important part of what makes an invisible fence effective, and shouldn’t be underestimated.

What’s the Estimated Cost Per Linear Foot for Invisible Fencing?


Companies can charge anywhere from 60 cents per foot up to $2 per linear foot of fencing, depending upon the specific kinds of material being used and your location. The general rule is that the bigger your underground fencing is, the cheaper the rate per foot becomes. It’s possible to fence up to one acre for $1,200 or less, with increasingly discounted rates for fencing 2 acres or more. These cost estimate numbers are based on a few private company quotes, and can vary widely depending on your property requirements and installation options available in your area of residence.

How Much Does a Professional Home Installation of an Invisible Fence Cost?

On average, the total cost of installation and materials to set up an invisible fencing system for about 1/4 of an acre is between $750-$1,500. Extra features such as lightning protection options and an extra collar for your animal can cost $80 each.

How Much Does an Invisible Fence Cost if You Do It Yourself?

Many popular do it yourself invisible fence kits are available at low rates that range around $100 to $350, depending upon the company you purchase them from and their special options.

What are the Most Popular Brands of Invisible Fence Available?

These top brands are well recognized for their professional invisible fencing systems:

  • “Invisible Fence” Brand (the most popular brand)
  • “Pet Safe” Instant Fence (offering five different levels of correction shock settings on their collars)
  • “Dog Guard” Brand

Considering the average low invisible fence cost estimates on the market today, this option is definitely a highly cost effective option for anyone. Most customers have found that their animals experience a greater feeling of freedom and become better behaved all around with the use of invisible fencing systems. Consider these options as a great investment for both pet owners and livestock herders alike.

Image Credit: kainroadculdesac On Flickr